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  • Non-GMO

    Non-GMO Ingredients

  • Free from Nano-Particles

    Free of Nano-Particles

  • Gluten & Lactose Free

    Gluten & Lactose Free

  • Gelatin Free Ingredients

    Gelatin Free Ingredients

  • no artificial colors

    No Synthetic Colour

  • Increase Nutrient Absorption

    Fast Nutrient Absorption

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Premium Health Supplements

About Bionutrica

Supercharge Your Health

Bionutrica preventive healthcare supplements have been specially developed by Bioreva Sciences Limited, Ireland, with a focus on your overall health and wellbeing. This comes from our sincere belief that stems from decades of understanding of human body and its metabolism, that the key to a long and healthy life is to value your inner self by nourishing it with the finest of all ingredients.

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What People Say

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  • Bionutrica review

    " Tablets are massive; dissolve in water for easy swallowing. No colorings, clear solution, tasty & fast solubility. Minimal ingredients, lacks color. "

    Mega Vegan

  • Bionutrica reviews

    " Couldn’t have done it without the Bionutrica crew, the shipping was super-fast and the product was absolutely top notch! "

    Nicole Hampton

  • Bionutrica reviews

    " Biopreg enhanced my pregnancy with essential nutrients. Highly recommended product for expectant mothers! A great product! "


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