Our Formula with Care & Precision

We meticulously curate our ingredient selection, adhering to rigorous standards of cleanliness, scientific validation, and sustainability.


We integrate scientific principles and advancements in natural innovation to offer impactful solutions. Employing clinically validated ingredients alongside optimal methodologies, we meticulously craft formulations tailored to address diverse customer requirements.


Our formulations are meticulously crafted, free from harmful preservatives, additives, flavorings, and sweeteners. We prioritize traceable, non-GMO ingredients and embrace natural, vegan, and gluten-free components. Each product meets rigorous standards for cruelty-free production.


As proponents of conscientious consumption, we meticulously source our ingredients from reputable global suppliers. Our packaging is crafted from 80% materials that boast infinite recyclability, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to improving the recyclability of the remaining 20%.

  • Step 1 : Problem Identification & Analysis

    We collaborate with our scientific team to thoroughly investigate symptoms, signs, causes, and treatments related to recurring health concerns such as liver health, joint pain, cholesterol levels, male fatigue, and aging, aiming for comprehensive understanding and effective solutions.

  • Step 2 : Evaluating Health Claim & Correct Ingredients

    We meticulously evaluate health claims and ensure ingredient accuracy with scientific precision. Each product undergoes rigorous scrutiny to validate its efficacy and safety, adhering to the highest professional standards in the industry.

  • Step 3 : Developing Compositions with Excellence in Manufacturing Practices

    Our team crafts initial formulations, evaluating suitability for target areas like stomach or intestine. Production facilities adhere to GMP and HACCP standards.

  • Step 4 : Independently Verified & Professionally Tested

    At Bionutrica, our supplements undergo rigorous third-party verification and professional testing, ensuring efficacy and reliability for our customers' peace of mind.

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  • Tablets

    Our tablets are ideal for herb extracts, fine powders, and multi-ingredient blends. They feature an acid-resistant coating for sensitive ingredients and controlled release for precise delivery and sustained effectiveness.

  • Softgels

    Perfect for oils, algae, and those essential vitamins that need a little fat for your body to absorb them. We use olive oil as the base for all our softgels, and some even have a special coating to deliver the nutrients exactly where they're needed.

  • Capsules

    Best for herb extracts that have a higher particle size and can’t be converted into fine powder. Capsules also allow us to retain the original form for extracts that have a bitter or unpleasant taste.

  • Powder

    Ideal for high-dosage supplements or those formulated to dissolve in water for a drink or quick absorption in the mouth (sublingual delivery).

  • Agreed that gummies are cute. But is it what you need?

    These formats can be a fun and convenient way to take supplements, but they may not be suitable for all needs. Due to their form, they often have a lower dosage compared to other options like capsules or powders. Additionally, some may contain flavorings and sweeteners that can impact their effectiveness for certain ingredients.

  • Easy-to-swallow

    We presents stomach-friendly, easy-to-swallow cap or tab, ensuring convenient intake of vital nutrients for optimal well-being.

  • Extended Absorption

    Utilizes mechanisms for controlled release of active ingredients, maximizing bioavailability over a prolonged period.

  • Higher Bioavailability

    A nutrient's bioavailability refers to the amount absorbed by your body and delivered to where it's needed to exert its beneficial effects.

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Why Our Supplement work

At Bionutrica, we prioritize quality above all else. Alongside rigorous controls with our manufacturing partners, we conduct independent third-party testing with ALS to verify the purity and excellence of our products. Our ingredients undergo thorough testing and certification to meet EU standards for microbiological safety, heavy metal content, and irradiation levels. Additionally, all raw materials are certified GMO-free in compliance with EU regulations. Our products are manufactured in HACCP approved and GMP-certified facilities, guaranteeing the consistent production of pharmaceutical-grade supplements adhering to stringent quality standards.